Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown Seriously

chris brown and soulja boy good friends

So let me get this straight. Chris Brown is going to fight Soulja Boy? Are these two serious? Ok, I like the gossip but these 2 have some issues. At one point in time they were friends but now they take their problems to social media. It’s all over the news. Have you seen the Worldstar videos these young men are putting out? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good laugh, but it’s embarrassing to say the least. Here are “supposed” 2 grown men about to fight over really nothing significant. Both are hanging out with “questionable” individuals and groups that have no business in show business. I guess when you’re bored you find ways to stay “grounded” to the streets. However, neither one of these guys grew up in the streets they are finding friends. One is from Georgia and the other I “believe” Virginia.
Again, as a black man, I’m embarrassed. Charlamagne gives the “Donkey of the Day” on his radio station and we give the “Ass of the Month.” I like Chris Brown’s music and everyone was flying like “Superman” to Soulja Boy. Why aren’t these cats in Cancun somewhere chilling and playing video games? Maybe having fun with their kids and showing them a good time. Every time you turn around something is going on with Chris Brown and Soulja Boy could use some family counseling JUST for putting his business in the streets. Now the latest is someone busted up in his crib and stole $10,000? His landlord said he owes him $6000 in rent. By the way… $6000 in rent? Have you ever heard of purchasing a house or getting a mortgage with that kind of money? Who taught these young men about responsibility to your own business?
I don’t try to be overly religious, don’t care too much about judging others, but this is crazy. No where in other genres of music does artist have “beef.” Beef is something most of us try to put on the table every night for a hot meal. I never saw Sting and George Michaels arguing over who has the most diamonds on their chains. Garth Brook and Randy Travis arguing about their “hoes” or “thots”?  However, I support you two in a recovery of friendship and enjoy the music. Chris Brown has had me and my kids dancing for years. But seriously? To make matters worse, you are allowing other influences such as “superstars” from helping you make the ‘best’ decision and move on to the beach and chill. Mike Tyson… loved his fights…but fellas you are being exploited. Now if this is all a gimmick, then ok… play it out. But if this is anywhere serious with people, families, and children getting hurt, you should really think about your actions.

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