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Body Mass Index Chart

Our Opinions About BMI (Body Mass Index)

Actually you are the only one who can understand that whether you have a healthy body or not. Human being can feel this. People can understand their body’s resistance and how much it varies over time while they are walking, running, climbing up the stairs or doing any of the sports activities.

When people with an average body start to get a little fat, their bodies start to emit the following responses. Such as “I started to be cumbersome while walking”, “it used to be much more comfortable for me when I was going uphill”. At the same time some may think that they are having these situations because of their advancing age.

Because experts know that height / kg rate directly affects the health status of the people, they aimed to develop a standart by developing certain formulas related with these two values. Even though some researchs do only take the person’s gender and age into account while they are doing the calculations, in general, people use the length / kg rate calculations much more. But person’s gender highly affects these calculations. Therefore, while calculating the BMI, not keeping the gender of the person in the context of the formula may cause serious errors.

For instance;
Let’s think two different supermodels which one is male and the other one is female.

Male model is 178 cm  (5 ft 10 in) tall and 72 kg (158 lbs),
Female model is 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) tall and 57 kg (125 lbs)

Both of them looks like very nice, aren’t they? Although male and female model have the same height, female model is 15 kg (33 lbs) lighter. In any case, it must be so. If the female model should be 72 kg (158 lbs), she would have to be busy with doing something else except modelling. In this case, it seems that it is impossible to calculate the man and woman in the same category. That’s why it is impossible for experts to ignore this two different bodies while they are doing the calculations.

Also, while doing these kind of calculations, the values and ratios you use completely varies for babies and children. If you consider what we said about the calculations while you are doing the calculating, you will get the most accurate data.

And also the following issue is important too. If you are in the range of “slim” when you did the calculation or when you learnt your BMI index with the help of the table, do not forget that you have the same risk as fat people have. Being slim does have risks as much as fat people in terms of the health. People think that BMI index only concerns overweight people, but it concerns all shapes and sizes.

Height for Ideal Weight

  4 feet 0 inches – 121.9 cm———–   45 kg – 100 lbs

4 feet 1 inches- 124.5 cm———–   48 kg – 105 lbs

4 feet 2 inches-127.0 cm———–   50 kg – 110 lbs

4 feet 3 inches-129.5 cm———–   52 kg – 115 lbs

4 feet 4 inches-132.1 cm———–   55 kg – 120 lbs

4 feet 5 inches-134.6 cm———–   57 kg – 125 lbs

4 feet 6 inches-137.2 cm———–   59 kg – 130 lbs

4 feet 7 inches-139.7 cm———–   61 kg – 135 lbs

4 feet 8 inches-142.2 cm———–   64 kg – 140 lbs

4 feet 9 inches-144.8 cm———–   66 kg – 145 lbs

4 feet 10 inches-147.3 cm———–   68 kg – 150 lbs

4 feet 11 inches-149.9 cm———–   71 kg – 155 lbs

5 feet 0 inches-152.4 cm———–   73 kg – 160 lbs

5 feet 1 inches-154.9 cm———–   75 kg – 165 lbs

5 feet 2 inches-157.5 cm———–   77 kg – 170 lbs

5 feet 3 inches-160.0 cm———–   80 kg – 175 lbs

5 feet 4 inches-162.6 cm———–   82 kg – 180 lbs

5 feet 5 inches-165.1 cm———–   84 kg – 185 lbs

5 feet 6 inches-167.6 cm———–   86 kg – 190 lbs

5 feet 7 inches-170.2 cm———–   89 kg – 195 lbs

5 feet 8 inches-172.7 cm———–   91 kg – 200 lbs

5 feet 9 inches-175.3 cm———–   93 kg – 205 lbs

5 feet 10 inches-177.8 cm———–   96 kg – 210 lbs

5 feet 11 inches-180.3 cm———–   98 kg – 215 lbs

6 feet 0 inches-182.9 cm———–   101 kg – 220 lbs

6 feet 1 inches-185.4 cm———–   103 kg – 225 lbs

6 feet 2 inches-188.0 cm———–   105 kg – 230 lbs

6 feet 3 inches-190.5 cm———–   107 kg – 235 lbs

6 feet 4 inches-193.0 cm———–   110 kg – 240 lbs

6 feet 5 inches-195.6 cm———–   112 kg – 245 lbs

6 feet 6 inches-198.1 cm———–   114 kg – 250 lbs

6 feet 7 inches-201.0 cm———–   116 kg – 255 lbs

6 feet 8 inches-203.2 cm———–   119 kg – 260 lbs


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