Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor birth name : Sonam Anil Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor born : June 9, 1985
Sonam Kapoor origin : India
Sonam Kapoor occupations : Actress
Sonam Kapoor height : 177 cm – 5 ft 10 in
Sonam Kapoor weight : 57 kg – 125 lb
Sonam Kapoor age : 29
Sonam Kapoor shoe size : 7
Sonam Kapoor horoscope : Gemini

Sonam Anil Kapoor, she born in Mumbai city of India. She born at ninth june of 1985. She is an indian actress. She loves to dance and classic music. She has got two brothers. Her father is Anil Kapoor, he is an actor and Sonam’s favorite actor. Her uncle Boney Kapoor, he is a film-maker. Her cousin Arjun Kapoor, he is a director. Sonam was trained by her family for acting, when she was a child. She finished the university of Political Science and Economics. She interested in direction and writing.

Sonam began her career with ‘Black’(movie.). She began her Bollywood career with ‘Saawariya’(movie.). Than she starred ‘I Hate Luv Storys’(movie.). In her career, this is the most successful movie in the box office. She did win the ‘Stardust Award’.In 2011 she starred in two movie(m1: Thank You, m2: Mausam).Than, in 2013 she starred in Bomblay Talkies. She will starring in new movies at future.


Taeyang birth name : Dong Young Bae
Taeyang born : May 18, 1988
Taeyang origin : South Korea
Taeyang occupations : Singer
Taeyang height : 173 cm – 5 ft 8 in
Taeyang weight : 71 kg – 155 lb
Taeyang age : 26
Taeyang shoe size : 10
Taeyang horoscope : Scorpio


He born in South Korea, at 18th may of 1988. He have got a brother. His real name is Dong Yong Bae. When he was 12 years old, he starred in a movie. This was beggining of his career. Than he joined a selection for play a music clib, and they selected to TaeYang. TaeYang to be training from a music group. In 2006, he sang a song formally with BİGBANG (Music Group). Taeyang was composer of music group. Than, he composed many song and he did duet with Korean Rapper ‘Tablo’.

He was most popular composer in Korea. In 2010, he released an album and his album was in American i-Tunes Music List. This is a first of Korea. After 2010 year, took a break to his Solo Working. Because he went to a wourld tour. Three years later, he sang a song with alone(S.N: Ringa Linga). This song was most popular song list on five different country and very important for TaeYang career.

In 2014, he released his Rise Album on 2th jun.When the album was released, Album was first of the most popular songs in Korea and the most popular song list on ten different country. This is best success of TaeYang.

Jet Li

Jet Li birth name : Li Lianjie
Jet Li born : April 26, 1963
Jet Li origin : China
Jet Li occupations : Actor
Jet Li height : 169 cm – 5 ft 6 in
Jet Li weight : 66 kg – 145 lb
Jet Li origin age : 51
Jet Li shoe size : 9
Jet li horoscope : Taurus

Jet Li, born in Pekin at 26th of April 1963. He had two brothers and two sisters. When Jet Li was 2 years, his father was die. So his mother raised the Jet Li with alone.  Li learned the traditional far east sports. He started the Pekin Amatour Sports School when he was 8 years. He learned far east figth sports for three years. Than he was National Wushu Champion, when 11 years. He went to world tour in 1974. And same year he joined a fighting competition. Won the competition and got honor reward. Than nobody got this award for five years.

He finished his school when he was 17 years old. Than, he started his players career. In 1982 he starred in a movie. These was fist steps of the Jet Le’s famous career. Than he starred in Assian’s movies. His role was brave, honorable, stronge, hero man, watchers were loving this man. In 1997, he was lived important moments of his career. The same year, he starred in Once Upon a Time in China, and he was unforgettable.  His Hollywood career started with Lethal Weapon IV. İn this movie, Jet Li was bad character. This was first of bad man career.

In 1999, he was happy, because he married with Nina Li. Than, he starred in Hero. This movie was in the most popular Jet Li movies.  Jet Li’s last movie is “Fearless”. Jet Li is the most famous Asian actor in Hollywood.

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning birth name : Taryn_Manning
Taryn Manning born : November 6, 1978
Taryn Manning origin : Arizona
Taryn Manning occupations : Actress
Taryn Manning height : 160 cm – 5 ft 2 in
Taryn Manning weight : 48 kg – 105 lb
Taryn Manning age : 36
Taryn Manning shoe size : 6
Taryn Manning horoscope : Scorpio


Frances Cobain

Frances Cobain birth name : Frances Bean Cobain
Frances Cobain born : August 18, 1992
Frances Cobain origin : Los Angeles
Frances Cobain occupations : Singer
Frances Cobain height : 163 cm – 5 ft 4 in
Frances Cobain weight : 50 kg – 110 lb
Frances Cobain age : 22
Frances Cobain shoe size : 7
Frances Cobain horoscope : Leo


Hope Solo

Hope Solo birth name : Hope Amelia Solo
Hope Solo born : July 30, 1981
Hope Solo origin : Richland
Hope Solo occupations : Goalkeeper
Hope Solo height : 175 cm – 5 ft 9 in
Hope Solo weight : 58 kg – 127 lb
Hope Solo age : 33
Hope Solo shoe size : 8
Hope Solo horoscope : Leo